About e-MeDirectory.com

e-MeDirectory.com is the first comprehensive nationwide electronic cell phone and e-mail address database by which members post personal demographics and contact information, so they can be "looked up" by anyone who may be trying to reach them.

The purpose of the directory is to provide a way for people WHO KNOW YOU to be able to contact you, say, should they lose your contact information. The beauty of it is, you only need post the information you want people to have about you - it's totally up to you how much or how little information you post, as long as you post a way for others to contact you (ex. cell phone number and/or e-mail address). It is suggested that in addition to your name and a way for people to contact you, you leave a way for people to identify you from others with the same or a similar name. Examples would be: your hometown, the high school or college you attended, your nickname, or the city and state or zip code in which you currently live. Or, you may choose to post a picture of yourself!

Members can ONLY be looked up by name, but have the opportunity to post three variations of that name, including maiden, married and business names.

Because a member can only be looked up by name, only people who know you or your name can search for you. Other identifying information, posted at your discretion, will assist in narrowing the search for you, and allow the searcher to determine whether the person with your name is YOU, in the case of the same or similar names.

The information you post may include any or all of the following at YOUR discretion:

  • Your name
  • home street address
  • home city, state and zip
  • county
  • home telephone
  • personal email address
  • personal fax number
  • personal cell phone number
  • business name
  • business address
  • business telephone number
  • business cell
  • Hometown
  • Elementary School
  • Middle/Jr High
  • High School
  • College
  • Grad School
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Nickname
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Military Service Branch
  • business email address
  • business fax

For any of the above items NOT wanted to be disclosed by the member, simply leave the item blank!

Access to search for someone is free of charge, as is membership. Members are entitled, not only to post their contact information, but to other features, as well. For example, the "create-a-directory" feature allows the user to create as many personal directories as he or she wishes; these directories can only be accessed by the user who created them - via a user name and password (see the Create-a-Directory page once you join).

Another feature you may wish to use is to store your cell phone contacts in your personal directory. This information is stored on our server, ready for you to retrieve anytime you wish, for example, in the event that you lose your cell phone or buy a new one. Only you have access to this information, via your user id and password (see store contact data).

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